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Case Study 1 November

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Case Study 1 November
November 13, 2021

November 2021

The Challenge of Being Consistent

So things are progressing. I flew down to Florida last week and met up with Erin. I was there in July and she noticed a difference in me which is very encouraging. Not sure if I’m feeling the difference as yet but it’s still very early days and I am not being 100% in everything I am doing. It’s a lifestyle change and takes time, but I have totally eradicated all red meat from my diet and am being extremely conscious of the amount of iron I am taking into my system. Some times I don’t get it right, and I can really feel the difference. For example, I had a chicken dish from my local restaurant a while ago. I am sure in the sauce there were ingredients that maybe contained more iron than I am now currently used to taking in. I felt bloated and crappy for a while after. It was a very tasty meal though 🙂

The weird feelings inside my body that I mentioned in an earlier post are still present, but on a much lower scale and I am certain that is anxiety related. But maybe the supplements I am taking are helping this too? Very strange feeling, but again, I feel that part is improving which is great.

Phlebotomy Number 2 – A Success but with some Issues

So had my second phlebotomy yesterday. Again, hydrated a lot but this appointment wasn’t as smooth as the last. My veins are so small that it took two nurses to get an IV running. They ended up going under my right arm this time after blowing a vein in my hand. My reputation seems to be preceding me  as I’m known as one of the problem patients. It’s all in good fun. My wife is an RN and the nurses jokingly said to me it’s typical that husbands of nurses give the most trouble. My blood pressure was very high at 149/102. After the procedure it went down to 144/90.

I asked Erin if there’s any supplement to take for high bp and she suggested a product called Vasotension, but it will come down over time with my treatment anyway.

While the IV seems to be the biggest issue of my visits, the actual phlebotomy is a breeze. Once they’ve identified the vein, they stick me and the flow is instant. Both times they’ve got the full pint of blood out of me and that part of the process is done within 15 minutes.

I will say, the experience always leaves me breathless after for a few days, but this is normal from what I’ve researched.

While I am still feeling a little breathless a day after, I think I feel better overall. Next appointment is in two weeks.

My next goal is to start up some light exercise several times a week. So back to Virtuagym app and start building up again. Rome wasn’t built in a day. My weight remains at 208lbs. At least it’s not going up.

Finally Feeling a Difference?

I am feeling a difference. The weird sensations in my abdomen are dissipating. Perhaps it’s the effect of the V-Inflamma I’ve been taking? Or maybe the phlebotomies? I haven’t noticed any difference in the tiredness I’ve always felt, but it’s only been a month since I started my phlebotomies and there’s years of “abuse” to overcome. So it makes sense that while the supplements are helping my body to heal that I will continue feeling tired. My body is focused on addressing the rebalance.

Moreover, I’ve not been working out. I am planning to starting up again, albeit slowly at first. This will certainly help with blood flow and also help reduce my high blood pressure.

But as I continue with everything, I am getting more and more convinced that this is going to work. I had seen two doctors about the weird feelings in my abdomen over the summer. One found nothing, another thought it was my hip. I dare say had I pursued the traditional healthcare approach, many tests, scans etc would have been made and I probably still wouldn’t be any wiser. Functional medicine is concerned with the overall well being of a person.

Phlebotomy Number 3

Went in this time fully confident having completed two phlebotomies already. Had taken a baby aspirin to thin my blood out to help the initial bloodtest to check my hemoglobin. Well, this nurse had some trouble with my veins. Went in three times and blew the IV each time. Managed to get enough blood for the test. At this point I was in two minds as to bother with the IV or not. I felt I wanted it just this last time and next phlebotomy, I’d just do the phlebotomy without.

For this time, they did find a juicy vein on my left hand and started it. And the phlebotomy happened on the same arm a little further up.

This turned out to be the quickest appointment yet and I was in and out within 90 minutes. I actually am enjoying these a lot now. It’s always a laugh and that makes everything a lot less tense. They have trickier patients than me, but I am a pain with my veins.

So this was the third phlebotomy and I have to say I felt the best after it. My breathlessness wasn’t as great as it has been the past two times and I felt lighter. Not light in the head, but light in terms of I feel like bad stuff is getting out of me.

I’m about half way through the process, another 4 too go and then we check levels again and see where I’m at.

I’m still mixing up my supplements in yogurt and that’s made life easier for me in getting them into me. So don’t ever use the excuse of “I can’t take pills”. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

My weight is also holding steady at around 207lbs. I’ve still not eaten any red meat since the start of this and I haven’t really missed it a great deal. Still trying to find the right foods to eat, but I don’t think I’m eating as bad as I used to. So overall, moving in the right direction, undoing many years of poor diet and poor maintenance. Not started with fitness stuff as yet, I don’t feel ready with the phlebotomy, but I’m at least walking regularly.


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