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Case Study 1 September

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Case Study 1 September
September 13, 2021

September 2021

Post 4: Lab Results Reveal a Shocking Truth

Been a while since my last post. Been in limbo waiting for my lab results to come back. But finally they did. I knew they wouldn’t be great but I was really surprised how bad they were. I had my appointment with Erin. In fact, she called me out of the blue and told me the results of my detailed blood work. Her words were, “Rich, you need to dump blood, like yesterday!” The primary concern is that my ferritin values are way high, ten times what they should be.

The good news it, along with my other issues, are reversible. The bad news is that my primary never picked up on this and had I not got tested through Evolution, I would never have known. While it was initially concerning to hear the diagnosis, I am happy that there is much that can be done to get back to a healthy lifestyle. But thinking that my primary would have had to dig deep had I pushed the issue is a big problem with the traditional medicine route. Why not take extensive bloodwork to begin with? Surely it would be better for everyone and cheaper in the long run too?

So my condition is hemochromatosis. I basically have way too much ferritin. Iron. It explains many symptoms I have been suffering from. Although I never realized I was actually suffering from them.

  • Always feeling tired
  • Out of breath very easily
  • Heart palpitations
  • Feeling of my insides touching one another
  • Tinnitus

The tinnitus aspect is one area I am very interested in seeing if the treatment alleviates that. I’ve always suffered from tinnitus but the past four years it has really gone up a lot. Like I can hear it over the shower, it’s that loud.

I’m trying to think back as my doctor told me I have a fatty liver a few years back after regular blood tests came back. I never did anything about it.

So the first step of getting this under control is something I never considered would be a treatment. And I was really surprised when Erin said it. She said I need to go donate blood. A unit every two weeks.

I guess it makes sense as it will help push the excess ferritin out of my system. I’d just never thought that bleeding it out would be the way around it.

So I need to find somewhere to get rid of it. ASAP.

First step to the road to recovery. Oh and I need to say goodbye to steak, burgers, lamb chops and bread. Going to be tough but once on the road to recovery perhaps I’ll be allowed the odd burger or steak.

I also joined a hemochromatosis Facebook group to get more insight into the condition from other sufferers and what I can expect.

Post 5: The Plan to Get Well Again

Ok we have a plan. Speaking with Erin again, she was able to go into more detail after the speedy phone call the other day. I am to take the following supplements:

Vita B Methyl x 1
V Pax x 2
Vita Biotic x 1
Glutathione injection x 1

During the day
V Inflamma x 1

At night
DIMM x 1

Every two to three weeks 1 unit blood phlebotomy

We’re going to hit this hard. This will last for three months and then we’re getting the blood work redone and hopefully see a big reduction of ferritin.

I have adjusted my diet. I doubt it will ever be perfect and I am sure I will cheat now and again. We’re coming up to the holiday season after all. But I think as long as I am staying the course as much as possible then I will get there.

I have low testosterone and high estrogen too which some of the above is going to correct.

As for the supplements themselves I do struggle. I tried taking the first four this morning and failed. I have gag reflux and taking pills has always been a problem with me. But I have come up with a solution. I can take the capsules apart and sprinkle the contents into a yogurt or a smoothie. So that stress is now over and I also have something new to eat being yogurt.

Yogurt is my replacement for chocolate now.

The dropping of red meat isn’t going to be as hard as I think. Not had any in a week and haven’t missed it. And I always remember feeling bloated after eating red meat and I certainly won’t miss that.

I will say I feel very tired right now. Might be because of the new supplements in my system or it might just be anxiety making me tired. It has been a stressful but exciting week.

I am looking forward to feeling more energetic in the future.

Tuesday is the visit to the hematologist and I hope I can get some blood out then or at least a date to do it soon.

I’ve said most of my life I feel like I’m 80. This explains why.

Post 6: My Hematologist

Saw the hematologist and he was fantastic. Explained what was going on. Gave a great analogy. If me and a normal person were to go for a steak. There’s a door from the intestine. For him, that door is 10% open, allowing just a small amount of iron into his blood stream. With mine, it’s wide open letting much more through.

He was totally on the same page with the diagnosis and treatment plan with Erin at Evolution. This is functional medicine and traditional medicine working as they should.

I have my first phlebotomy this morning. A little apprehensive, but this is the first major step to feeling better.



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